Cloverleafworld Ministries started as a home bible study group in October 2009 in Leeds Echo Central Towers. Just after a few months of marriage, Paul & Tasha Okhuoya launched out to start a vibrant ministry deeply rooted in the word of God and founded on the principles of a holistic gospel that spoke strongly to the spiritual, mental, physical and community aspects of human life.

They were captivated by the reality that Jesus was not just to be spoken about but to be lived out in daily experiences. Starting with just themselves, the bible study group then called “God, Wii & Pasta” grew very quickly with students and young professionals within the city of Leeds such that there was not enough room in the 2 bed-room apartment.

Soon enough the members suggested to Paul & Tasha that they needed somewhere on Sundays to continue to grow in the word and in fellowship as they did on the Wednesday study group which was a confirmation to what God was speaking privately to them about. Within a few weeks and in March 2010, Cloverleaf Christian centre was officially launched and Sunday services began in “The Blue Room” which was a rented meeting room; part of the boutique hotel “The Calls”.

Very quickly the ministry grew to have three bible study groups within the first two years and continues to grow in various fellowships across the UK and Africa with various community outreach programs committed to and living out the principle of the holistic gospel. Cloverleafworld Ministries now runs  various programs from Cloverleaf House – rooted in the local community of Holbeck, Leeds.

Understanding the Cloverleaf Experience

One of the most profound things I have learned about human life is that there is more to life than what we currently see. As we look at the Bible in Romans 12 Paul says, We should present our bodies as living sacrifices and we should renew our minds. This shows us that if we are told to present our bodies then we are not necessarily our bodies and if we are told to present or renew our minds then we are not our minds.

There is a three-part function to life the Body, the mind and the spirit. And if we break this down further, we see that our lives revolve around these 3 things – The physical, The intellectual and the Spiritual.

As human beings we must express our love for God not just physically but mental and spiritually. Jesus Christ also further speaks about the 4th dimension which is loving your neighbours of yourself. This speaks of the social communal approach, that is, making a positive impact in your immediate community.

Cloverleafworld ministries is eternally committed to sharing Good news and sharing the word of God in these 4 dimensions. In the Physical by encouraging healthy living, In the intellectual by promoting education of all types and at diverse levels, the spiritual by sharing the word of God and encouraging a fruitful relationship with God through Jesus Christ and Socially by engaging our immediate communities to understand the needs and creating a space for collaboration and innovation. All our Programs and projects operate within these four areas and we welcome and encourage you to be a part of this great work.

Discover CloverleafWorld

Cloverleafworld Ministries is located in Holbeck, Leeds. We run a number of activites from our home location – Cloverleaf House and we will be delighted to meet you. Please don’t hesitate to send us a message or give us a call at +44 (0113) 345-0958 if you’d like to book an appointment to speak with someone about the work we do.

Sundays – Cloverleaf Experience | from 10am to 12pm
Tuesdays – Romanian Home Fellowship | from 7pm
Wednesdays  – Links Home Fellowships Group | from 6pm
Saturdays – Arise and Shine Breakfast Service | from 7am – 8.30am

We know that sometimes it could be quite intimidating to share your thoughts in a big group. We also recognise that sometimes a personal one to one meeting is much more fruitful in reaching the heart of an issue. We encourage you to contact us if you’d prefer a private chat.

For Appointments or Counselling
Tel: 0113 345 0958 | our use our contact page on this website.

Our ultimate mission is not only leading people in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ as a ministry but also we recognise that life challenges such as poverty, drug addiction, homelessness and a range of similar difficulties exist in the community and often make it diffcult to focus on developing a sustainable relationship with God.
Through our projects and partner organisations like the Reconnect Project. We aim to provide a range of facilities to help our community overcome these challenges.